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Guest Bio

Steven Godzisz

Steven Godzisz is founder and CEO of CCR Collections. In his 20 years at the helm, Godzisz grew CCR from a start-up to a leading international firm which reigns as the largest third-party collection operation in North America with an exclusive focus on Funeral Services.
CCR is a member of good standing of ACA International, a world-wide industry association of credit and collection professionals. The company is also an endorsed service supplier for the National Funeral Directors Association and The International Order of Golden Rule.

Paul Burley

Paul D. Burley is an engineer and environmental geologist who has researched world mythology, pictographic and architectural symbolism, and sacred landscapes expressing spiritual traditions around the world. An advocate for indigenous peoples and the need for returning to sacred lifeways that promote world unity, his journey to understand the meaning of Native American medicine wheels led him to study sacred symbolism exhibited by cultures over tens of thousands of years. His analysis of that symbolism has resulted in a new understanding of the sacred lifeways of ancient and indigenous peoples.

Te Taru White

Te Taru White, Director at Te Taru White Consultancy in Waikanae, New Zealand, is an International speaker, Scientist, Entrepreneur, Facilitator, Strategist, Cultural Heritage Leader, and more importantly a passionate advocate of self determined development – something he credits to the wisdom of his Indigenous Maori ancestors. His achievements in numerous tribal leadership roles and at the helm of the Museum of New Zealand and the Maori Arts and Crafts Institute, attest to this.

Steve Ruderman

Steve Ruderman, a 20-year veteran of the financial services industry, is an equal-opportunity spokesman for both the credit grantor, the consumer, and the collections industry. In addition to running ELSOS, a sales outsourcing company dedicated to developing high-powered sales people, he also runs Credit and Collection News (CCN). CCN is a daily newsletter for the C&C marketplace with a subscriber database of over 50,000 readers. His resume includes national sales for Amerix and The Fanuel Group, Equifax, and serving on the board of Consumer Credit Counseling Services of San Diego and as National Sales Advisors for the National Foundation of Credit Counseling.

Kate Coburn

Kate Coburn is a partner with HR&A Advisors, an international real estate consulting and advisory firm in NYC. With over 30 years of experience and working in solving real estate challenges in the private sector and public sector across the U.S., Kate deserves her reputation as a “practical visionary.” Kate specializes in downtown revitalization, strategic planning and marketing and leasing of mixed-use urban developments and employs the use of objective market analysis, financial feasibility studies, and “shirt-sleeves” final implementation.

Jim Seamus

Jim Seamus’ half-century career in the field of Community Economic Development has taken him to 90+ Nations on 6 Continents and Sub-Continents, all but one state in the U.S., and half the Canadian Provinces. He has also helped to provide Tribal Self-Determination/Development services to 105 Native American Tribal groups, located throughout the US, Canada & No. Mexico.

Gary Rivlin

Gary Rivlin is the award-winning author of Fire on the Prairie; Drive By (a New York Times Notable Book of the Year); and The Plot to Get Bill Gates. A two-time Gerald Loeb Award winner, he has worked as a writer and reporter for the New York Times, Industry Standard, East Bay Express, and the Chicago Reader. He is presently reporting for The Daily Beast and writes incisive articles for Newsweek.

Michael Brozetti

Michael Brozetti is President of Boundless LLC, an expert internal auditing and governance firm and is Chairman of the Business Integrity Alliance™, which is a joint venture between zEthics, Inc. and Boundless LLC missioned to advocate and advance the practices supporting the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, and risk oversight. Michael is frequent speaker on the topics of Ethics, Governance, and Culture. He is also a Certified Internal Auditor® training partner with the Institute of Internal Auditors, Villanova University, and the Holmes Corporation.

Rich Garboski

Rich Garboski is the Founder and Managing Member of eTechHelp, an online consulting firm that provides technical advice, strategies, implementation & support services to small to mid sized companies anywhere with an internet connection. With 29+ years of experience and a background in Electrical Engineering, he has vast experience designing, implementing and managing all aspects of technology in today’s business which includes; Local and wide area networking, VoIP Telephony, Internet technology , web and business software applications.

Ray Rogers

Ray Rogers, founder and director of NYC-based Corporate Campaign, Inc. (CCI) has championed labor, human rights and environmental causes for three decades. Born into a Union family in Beverly, MA, he graduated from the U of Mass in 1967, spent two years working in Tennessee as a VISTA volunteer and from that point forward devoted himself to bring “power to the people.”

Steve Beseke

Steve Beseke has been a corporate communications executive for nearly 30 years with companies like Medtronic, Opus Corporation and the National Marrow Donor Program. His worldwide resiliency site, which has more than 3 million viewers in the last 18 months, is ranked as one of the top four personal branding sites in the nation.

Michelle Dunn

Michelle Dunn, is the author of 12 books (one award winner), a published columnist for nine newspapers and national magazines, voted two years in a row as one of the Top 5 Women in Collections and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Collection Professionals by her peers. Michelle has worked in the debt collection industry for 24 years, 8 of those starting and running her own collection agency for 8 years.

Leonard Ludi

Leonard Ludi, an Indian Casino Hospitality Development Executive of Spanish, Native American, and German descent, is passionate about the need for American Indian sovereignty and sustainability. He has lived through socially and economically disadvantaged times of the minorities in Northern New Mexico most of his life and dedicated himself to help the native pioneers who developed the gaming industry in the mid 1990’s.

Nancy Siesel

Nancy Siesel is a Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist. Awarded this honor in 2002, while she was a staff photographer with The New York Times, as part of their 9/11 series. Her work has been published in four New York Times books including: “How Race is Lived in America”, “A Century in Times Square”, “A Nation Challenged: A Visual History of 9/11 and Its Aftermath”.

Mark Trahant

Mark Trahant is an independent journalist. He writes a weekly column and posts often on Twitter (including daily news poems). Trahant was recently a Kaiser Media Fellow writing about health care reform and is the former editor of the editorial page for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Mark is a member of Idaho’s Shoshone-Bannock Tribe and a former president of the Native American Journalists Association. He is the author of The Last Great Battle of the Indian Wars, about Henry Jackson, Forrest Gerard and the campaign for American Indian self-determination.


Jerry Ashton discusses the law school industrial complex with guest Nando from “Third Tier Reality” to learn some startling information about the industry we call “law schools.” They manipulate employment and starting salary figures, raise tuition recklessly; do not advise of the shrinking job prospects, and, worst of all, do not fully explain to the prospective student the effect of soul-crushing debt on one’s future.

Mark S. Hankins

Mark S. Hankins, a fourth-generation Floridian, graduated from the Univ of Virginia and University of Florida School of Law. In 2008 when the Great Recession swept over the U.S., his book “Debt Hope: Down and Dirty Survival Strategies” was published.

Melinda Janko

Melinda Janko is the President of Fire in the Belly Productions, whose mission is to “make films that make a difference.” In 2004 she started the filming of Cobell the opening of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC.See what it takes to extract $3.4 Billion from the U.S. Gov’t and ask yourself – how could we possibly be treating the American Indian this way in the 21st Century!

Roberto Prado

Roberto Prado is in the process of bringing “Newsprime” into existence – a pan-platform approach to delivering news that is both local and global at the same time. “Glocal,” as it were. This is the first of two conversations with this man and is designed to give you the backdrop to what will be covered more fully in our next interview.

Erik Kardatzke

Erik Kardatzke is a former debt collection attorney who “went rogue” inn 2007 when he switched sides and founded his law firm, Debt Defense PLC, and began representing consumers against banks, credit card companies, debt collectors, and their attorneys in Florida.

C. Cryn Johannsen

Ms. C. Cryn Johannsen is the managing editor for EduLender’s blog, EduTrends and founder & executive director of All Education Matters, Inc. Cryn’s years in academic environments have given her an insider’s understanding of educational institutions and how they function. Her work as a publishing representative has provided her with valuable insights into higher education from the perspective of a businesswoman.

Judah Freed

Judah freed is an international journalist, book coach, life coach, and healer based in Hawaii. He pioneered trade press coverage of interactive media and distance learning, applying his insights to explore the social effects of new media and the impact of media visionaries.

Anastacios Avranas

Anastasios Avranas may be able to help us to understand the challenges being faced by his country, Greece – widely acknowledged as the “poster child” for sovereign countries that have hit the wall during this global financial meltdown.

Robert Doner

With a background of some 30 years of executive-level interaction with fortune 500 companies, Robert Doner has a wealth of real-world experience. Robert set about to create (Group-Global) as a platform to galvanize action and provide a crowd-sourced system to get corporate America’s attention.

Rozanne Andersen

Rozanne M. Andersen, who earned her J.D. from William Mitchell College of Law and her B.S. from the University of Minnesota, is widely recognized for her advocacy work on behalf of the collection, debt purchasing and financial services industries.

Steven Gan

Steven Gan brought his experience in collections in Japan – a country noted for social structures that encourage politeness – back here to the U.S. In this segment Jerry and Steven look at some of the reasons why a gentle touch – instead of the hammers typically used – are best to apply in today’s economy.

Jim Chandler

Jim Chandler, President of Sales Force Advisors, makes a strong case that one of the best ways to get out of this Great Recession is to SELL yourself out of it. Sales is the answer. Out of a Job? Sales is the answer. Need to re-invent yourself? Sales is the answer. An hour with Jim Chandler, a master salesman and sales trainer, will convince you that Sales IS the answer.

Ernie Paniccioli

What in the world would a famed Hip-Hop photographer – who is also an American Indian – have to tell us about the financial meltdown we are in and how it can, and will be, survived. Tune in, Listen well.

Darrell O’Deagadh

This firebrand author of the controversial book “Bank of Ireland…this way out” is leading a movement to get the Bank of Ireland to leave that country by or before noon the 25th. December 2010. Think can do it? Tune in, find out.

Amer Chaudri

This 15-year-veteran of American banking authored “Diatribe – A Scathing Journey Into The Heart of the Financial Corporate Culture” which eviscerates a giant U.S. bank – and its sisters – for a culture of greed and manipulation. Ever hear a Main Street Banker take on Wall Street “Banksters?” Listen in.

Abe “Walking Bear” Sanchez

“Walking Bear” is an International speaker and trainer who has engaged – and often outraged – credit managers and business owners around the globe with his unique approach to the credit function. His “best kept secrets” are finally put on full display to benefit creditor & debtor! Can this be done without smoke and mirrors? You listen, and tell us.