Law Enforcement Problems

Law enforcement involves a system through which members of the community act in an organized way to enforce the law. The act encompasses ascertaining, discouraging, rehabilitating, or punishing individuals who infringe the rules and customs governing the community. In the recent past, the officers responsible for the enforcement have been confronted with a litany of allegations that they have violated the public’s trust, engaged in criminal acts, abused their power, violated citizen’s civil rights, used excessive force, doctored evidence, and lost credibility with the society that they serve. Therefore, this social media and law enforcement essay paper shall carry out a discussion on researched data that indicate the existence of a problem in law enforcement.

Statistics from Law Enforcement Officers Killed And Assaulted shows that 50,212 officers were mugged while on duty in 2015 and 28.4% were injured. The data indicated that 32.4% of the victims were mugged while responding to disruption calls. On the same note, it showed that the Assailants used personal weapons like hands, feet, and fists in 79.0% of the occurrences, handguns in 4.0% of the cases, and daggers or cutting appliances in 1.8% of the occurrences. 15.1 percent of the assaults involved the usage of other dangerous weapons. Hence, the data indicates a problem in law enforcement due to the high number reported on officers assaulted as they carried out their daily chores. The assault acts designate that the departments responsible for law enforcement had failed to come up with strategies of curbing criminal activities in the society. Therefore, this has made offenders, and other lawbreakers to fearlessly carry out their activities and even attack officers confidently.

The second data I researched on was based on International Statistics on Crime and Criminal Justice. In the records, the burglary rate in the society is viewed to be at its top notch in Australia and New Zealand while North America, Canada, the USA, and South Africa depict relatively high rates of burglary. Similarly, the statistics show that many nations in Central and West Europe have high theft rates with a few reporting relatively low levels . The data portray a problem in law enforcement as it shows a rise of the criminal activity over the period under analysis. The statistics imply that the officers responsible for enforcing the law in the different nations, captured in the report, had failed to come up with policies that shall help in curbing the rise of the criminal acts.

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