National Honor Society

It is a pleasure to be attending American Heritage, let alone to be invited to the American Heritage National Honor Society. Everyone who has been invited here shares many outstanding traits. However, I have a few experiences that many might not. I bring some unique qualities to the table. I have participated in programs that strive to build confidence, leadership, and critical thinking; such as the Marine Military Academy Summer Program, an Envision trip to Stanford University, and a future trip to the U.S. Presidential Inauguration sponsored by Envision.

I attended the Marine Military Academy over a summer where I participated in a specific course dedicated to building leadership skills; in which I excelled. During the Envision trip to Stanford University, I underwent a simulated college experience and led a team to create a Mock Trial in only 7 days. Lastly, this coming Friday, January 20, 2017, I will be attending the Presidential Inauguration Leadership Summit sponsored by Envision. During this experience, we will be creating solutions to fix 21st century problems. Some of the problems we will try to remedy will include fixing or enhancing solar energy, decreasing climate change, understanding AI, and many more.

Prior to all these leadership programs, I went through a very important school program in middle school. I became a guidance counselor (peer counselor) for elementary school students and sometimes students of the same grade as we were. This program was very helpful for me because it taught me both how to understand other people, and provided me with the critical thinking skills necessary to figure out others’ problems and how to solve them while also dealing with my own work.

In closing I would like to state that I would be flattered to become a member of the National Honor Society to be able to advance my leadership skills, meet other leaders and work together on solving problems.

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