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  • American Collectors Association: The ACA was established in the US in 1939, and presently has 4,500 member companies in the United States and in more than 50 countries around the globe. Most members handle a wide range of consumer collections accounts, and several have credit reporting and skip tracing capabilities as well. The ACA regularly provides seminars and conferences to inform members of current legal regulations in many countries and also provides advanced professional credit and collection training.
  • Business Products Credit Association, Inc.: Not-for-profit trade association for credit persons of manufacturers, wholesalers and factors.
  • The Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations: Association established in 1981 to assist in granting and collecting student loans. Members are schools, universities, financial institutions, and collection companies.
  • Commercial Law League of America: The CLLA was established in the US in 1895 and has approximately 2,000 individual members in which a majority are attorneys and other business professionals. Most members are located within the North American continent but there are several members throughout Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • Finance Credit and International Business: Founded in 1919, FCIB is an international membership organization with more than 800 members in 35 countries around the world.
  • International Association of Commercial Collectors: Trade association comprised of collection specialists and commercial attorneys.
  • National Association of Subrogation Professionals: NASP is a non-profit trade association in 1998, to serve the interests of professionals working in the field of subrogation. NASP consists of insurance claims personnel, attorneys, experts, collection agencies and other vendors who provide valuable services to the industry.
  • National Association of Credit Management: The largest national credit management association in the US. NACM was founded in 1896 to promote good laws for sound credit, protect businesses against fraudulent debtors, improve the interchange of credit information, develop better credit practices and methods, and establish a code of ethics.

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