Chapter 6

Credit Criminals Amongst Us – They “Madoff” With Our Money

“National Public Radio (NPR) programs are supported by Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC. Watching over your investments so you don’t have to.” – NPR

Bernie was the worst of the worst, It was said that he would show up at funerals, put his arm round a grieving widow and say ‘I’ll take care of you.’ He was a man of his word; he’d wipe her out. Being equal opportunity, he did that for all of his thousands of investors to the tune of $65,000,000,000. Yes, Billions!

Who are these reptilian-minded creatures? Where do they come from? How and why are they allowed to plunder us? What can we do to protect ourselves from them?

One of our reader/contributors, MS from Los Angeles, had this take on things which I have edited for inclusion here:

“There has been, since the beginning of time, people who seek to take advantage of ignorance, and profit from it. Your audience first needs to read the book “The Theory of Money and Credit” by Mises. We put ourselves in the poorhouse by not understanding money and credit.

Anytime you find ignorance of a concept, idea or process, you are open to those who seek that ignorance in the marketplace, to take advantage of it for their own ends. These are not capitalists who subscribe to a free market, although “capitalism” has been blamed for our current circumstances. Rather, they are statists and corporatists who seek an advantage…changing the rules when the “ignorant: become educated to the game.

Those ‘Seekers’…continue to create vehicles to keep one in the dark; to appeal to buy now, pay later, when later is a complete unknown. The Seekers are…out there after everything you have, or have left. Most religions have some moral code within to ‘teach’ money and credit…[but] the Seekers find religion a fertile ground to hunt; they’ve been hunting it since we climbed out of the trees and out onto the savannas. Just don’t send in your money to your TV evangelist…”

Quite an eloquent viewpoint.

Let me end this section with both a request for more material as well as with an item that I located (where else?) on the Internet. I don’t know that it is true; but it should be.

A Rabbi was approached by a rich person who came to him for guidance and a berachahl solace after taking a major financial hit (non-Madoff, in this case). “Rebbe – I lost a hundred million dollars!” He got no sympathy, but an icy stare and this in response:

“There are people here with no food on the table, no parnasah, no way to pay the rent. Just what were you doing with a hundred million before you lost it?”