Chapter 4 Featured Submissions

“In 2003 my husband took a job in Manhattan for CSTV as VP of Sports MKTG in Manhattan. My husband was fired from his position. Unfortunately CBS bought the company <300 employees.

10 years earlier when he worked for CBS he had a kidney transplant due to an overdose of antibiotics (perfect match no dialysis) He was the only employee laid off at CSTV. He had an infected toe from a rock in Nantucket and they fired him. Disability was denied due to"pre-existing condition." He had lost most of his foot by then.

We went bankrupt and he was forced to take a job in Phx and got "Valley Fever:" indicative in this AZ area and we had no money for his auto immune medications. The fever fried the kidney. He was put on dialysis. Four years later the hospital notified us that he could not accept another kidney due to extremely high antibodies, now he will be on dialysis for the rest of his life.

I do want to thank Eliot Spitzzer for saving our lives. In New York he went after Insurance Companies and made them pay for these denied claims "pre-existing" conditions and we were reimbursed. At least my husband may die with dignity.

Strange how Mr. Spitzer conquered this enormous scam, he was scandalized, shortly after.”

-S.A., Scottsdale, Arizona