Chapter 12

Written Off – Is There Life After Debt?

Sometimes it feels that bankers, debt collectors and tax authorities are stepping on the fingers of the people desperately trying to climb back into the boat…

Of all the stresses that can destroy relationships, debt is a major player. Whether the victim is you, your spouse, your family, your children or even your parents…the impact can be devastating.

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“…a heavy weight borne by many is an easy load to carry. A great load borne by one can be devastating.”

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But, it doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, if you take the necessary time to learn from those who have successfully passed through the valley of the shadow of debt.

As those of you who are following (and in many cases, contributing to) this work-in-process, Written Off – America and Americans, will consist of 12 chapters written over a period of 12 weeks. We are just completing the 12th week of material research and gathering fans and supporters, and we will launch the full writing project the week of April 26.

So, the chapter being constructed this week needs your story.

 How are you surviving the Great Recession? If you have not successfully dragged yourself back onto the boat, what has this done for your self-respect? Have you become a “written off” American?

What is life for you “after debt,” or even in the midst of your financial duress? Can we learn from this? Are their valuable lessons that we might not have gotten otherwise – lessons that will help us in future times of equivalent challenge? Share that story.

Along those lines, share with us how you stepped on the banker’s fingers (for a change), how you put “debt collectors” who violated your rights and the law in their place, and how you may have triumphed over the implacable Tax Man. Your experience may well be someone else’s road map to a better outcome.