Chapter 10 Featured Submissions

Here is information from Holland / the Netherlands.

“The number of people in debt asking for assistance has increased from 44,100 people in 2008 to 53,250 in 2009 [as reported by the Association of Debtsettlementassistance and Social Bankers (NVVK).

The amount of the debt involved increased by 10% to an average of Eur. 33,700 per person. There are an average of 17 creditors involved with every debtor…

It may seem like small numbers compared to the USA situation. However, we have only 16,000,000 inhabitants, kids included, so one could state that the increase in number of people with financial problems – 21% - is huge.

And, one has to keep in mind that these are the people that take the step and ask for assistance. How many people [could there be] that struggle for their daily food just because they are in a house that became far too expensive.

It’s easy to cut on subscriptions, gym, holidays, etc….but electricity, gas, water, insurance, etc., still have to be paid. And yet, there are still a lot of people that refuse to face their reality and try to keep up appearances.”

-R.P., The Netherlands

And, as the owner of a collection agency, this is what RP has to add:

There is an increase in files [accounts assigned to the agency] as we are in a crisis, so we need staff. [In the case of super-large agencies]…as quickly as possible…so (as a debtor) you now face people that are not able to listen well, or read a complex file.

My colleague is a trainer, and last year he said that even the floor cleaner in a company was asked to stop cleaning the floor and become a debt collector because this firm was so short-handed. These are the [agencies] that p— me off…ruining the reputation not just of a collection agency, but as an industry.

My next submission will be about the youth of today. Ha ha ha – new debtors are coming, so I will be busy for at least another 22 years.