Jerry, as seen through the eyes of friends, associates and clients:

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jerry Ashton for over 25 years, since we were young entrepreneurs in our various businesses in executive leadership, economic and personal development. I would recommend anyone to take the opportunity to work with Jerry or to be in the presence of his genius abilities and engaging personality. He is one of the elite brilliant teachers and leaders of our times.”
-Dr. Ray Blanchard, THE ANSWER, Houston

“I would recommend him for creative business task that require expertise and empathy. Whether it is working with Fortune 500 companies leading a team to collect millions of dollars in unpaid bills while maintaining positive customer relationships as he did with CFO Advisors, Inc., or building new business opportunities into actual companies…”
-Joseph Franklyn McElroy, President Corporate Performance Artists, New York

“Jerry’s expertise in credit/collections is unsurpassed and his “out of the box” approach motivates others around him to grow, both personally and professionally. Jerry is reliable, tenacious, and has a level of integrity not always found in this world.”
-Margaret Bota, VP Electronic Recycling & Research Corp, Connecticut

“I’ve known Jerry since 1995 when first collaborating with him on a Windows based Credit & Collections program; he provided the process and scripts and I provided the technology. This was key, as his years of experience and unique talent of consulting, training and “collection intervention” work informed the process. I highly recommend Jerry as a consultant for any business in need of improving their cash flow through improved approaches to credit, collection and customer service.”
-Richard Garboski, President eTechHelp, New York

“To find someone in my outsourcing field who decided to apply “corporate responsibility” to the choice of providers is inspirational. He is simply great.”
-Deven Shah, Founder Yes Capital Advisors, Mumbai

“Jerry is a man of strong integrity. He brings to every task a wealth of keen insights into the nature of business, society and people. He has been and remains a pioneer in professional circles.”
-Judah Freed, Journalist, Freelance. Owner at Media Visions Press Ltd, Denver

“I’ve known and worked with Jerry over the last 3 decades in various capacities and have always found him to add value to my current business proposition. His work with credit and revenue management is innovative and always WIN-WIN.”
-Richard White, EVP MCGI, Houston